May 18, 2023

Reading-Ready Finale

We wrapped up our series of Let's Connect's preschool Reading-Ready enrichment classes for the school year!  When reflecting on the last nine months together, it is exciting and encouraging to consider the many ways these little learners have grown in their pre-literacy skills.  

We began our time together listening to and repeating short, simple sentences from stories and pulling out the words we heard.  Our phonological and phonemic awareness skills progressed with our exploration of rhyming words, syllables, and individual speech sounds.  We read and relished 14 captivating children's books together from Frog and Toad to Pete the Cat, and our knowledge of print concepts and language comprehension soared.  We rhymed every word we knew or could imagine, and every class had a game for the purpose of both learning and fun.  Class by class and skill by skill we built a strong foundation for learning to read.

Here we are at the close of our Reading-Ready series, and our cohort is sounding out words on pages in their very own Jan Thomas inspired books.  Several children even requested to independently read their book aloud to the class while everyone followed along.  What a momentous moment and the perfect culmination of an incredible learning journey!  As these Reading-Ready students graduate from preschool, they are well equipped to build upon their literacy skills in kindergarten and hopefully develop a devoted fondness for reading that lasts a lifetime!

- Johanna Sims, M.S., CCC-SLP

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